Brand story

CHROMZ under Hyper Educate Co., Ltd. is a Thai skincare brand founded by a team of licensed aesthetic physicians and skincare formulators with the ultimate philosophy

Harmonizing science-based innovation with miracle of nature to offer truly effective skincare products and safe for your perpetual skin

Diagnosed by science Designed for you

Today’s overwhelming number of commercial skincare choices are mass produced by claiming to meet everyone’s skin need. It is terrified, but true that we are unknowingly exposing ourselves to harsh chemicals that cannot even take care of our skin, but cause more problems: dullness, redness, acnes, etc.

“Problem-oriented products for long-term skin health”

With the concept: “Science behind Skincare”, our team is dedicated to formulating ideal proven active ingredients imported from Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, and Japan to deeply tackle your specific skin concerns.

“Using avant-garde science to harness potency of natural ingredients”

Tested and developed in our cutting-edge laboratory with latest technologies, we ensure that every active ingredient is carefully selected and minimally manipulated to be gentle and safe for all skin types and ages.

Why Choice us

GMP and ISO 22716

Our products are certified with manufacturing quality standards including GMP and ISO 22716. They are clinically formulated by the dermatologists in laboratory with Thailand’s FDA approval.

Our carefully

Our carefully selected products are derived from the worldwide finest natural sources and typically organic.

Safety And Effectiveness

Our products have been tested with customers over a year to ensure its safety and effectiveness on sensitive and hypoallergenic skin.

Our service

Our service is available 24/7.